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 PK "Subra" Board members:


Duško Avramović

Dejo T

Secretary, treasurer and manager of "Za Vratlom" hut:
Dejan Tušup

Dejo V

Head of Section for climbing and caving:
Dejan Verigo


Head of Section for markings and guide service:
Željko Starčević


Manager of "Orjen Saddle" hut:
Marinko Peruško


Board member:
Srećko Žitnik


Board member:
Darko Šiljegović


Board member:
Mario Arapović


Mountaineering club "Subra" from Herceg Novi was founded in 1932. At the time, it’s members organized one – day excursions on Mount Orjen, mostly on the location called "Vratlo", attracted with good skiing conditions during a whole winter period. First serious climb in the rocks of Mount Orjen was recorded in 1936, when E. Blazevic with two other alpinists climbed Kamenski Kabao rock, near Vratlo..

After Second World War, activities continued, but mostly with skiing and mountaineering. After ten years of great efforts, our mountain hut was finished in 1962, on Vratlo (1160m) location. It has been the main condition for a wider cooperation with all other significant mountaineering clubs from former Yugoslavia, and we had a pleasure to receive all of them as our guests in our hut.


First attempts to bring a modern mountaineering to our society begun in mid eighties. That was the time when first ropes and other modern equipment for climbing and caving were bought and an alpine – speleo section was formed in our club. We can say that all achievements of our club came as the result of almost 100 years of dynamic and proper development. We are especially grateful to all our "old" members, who showed us the right way of developing our hobby in a seaside society like ours, which did not always understand well our motives and intentions. Generation changes are inevitable (last one in 1990), but they are still giving a great contribution to prosperity of our club, mainly with their experience and knowledge.

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