Mountain hut "Za Vratlom"

Mountain hut "Za Vratlom" was completely reconstructed during 2011. Reconstruction was financed by Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro with logistics help of German GIZ.  It is in the true sense of the word a mountain home, located 7km rectilinear from Herceg Novi, at an altitude of 1160m. The building is at the heart of the mountain, it can be reached by walking or by off-road vehicle, and has preserved the look and spirit of good old mountain homes. It is open on agreement (upon announcement). Hut is located in the southern part of the massif Orjen, a marked path leads to it from the city bus station. There is a asphalt road from Herceg Novi until the motel "Borići" (closed) from which the hut is 1-hour walk away. It is surrounded by meadows and forests above which rise many rocky peaks. The building is equipped with 50 beds, 7 bedrooms, spacious dining room, kitchen, central heating system, 2 cisterns (rain water), water pump with UV filter, photovoltaics panels and aggregate for electricity. Heating is by wood. PK Subra provides accommodation and upon agreement food, beverages and guides (detailed in Prices). The building is a convenient base for one or more days hiking tours on Orijen, and good location to perform a variety of courses and camps (caving, climbing, hiking, marking etc). Subra peak, a top mountaineering, caving, and rock climbing destination is nearby and more than 10 other interesting destinations, mostly peaks and chasms. An excellent network of marked hiking trails leads to every destination. If you plan to visit "Za Vratlom" hut please contact us in advance.


- janitor: Dusko Avramovic +38269430070

- manager: Dejan Tusup +38269348600





Mountain hut "Za Vratlom" after reconstruction

and before



Dom na Orjen sedlu


Dom na Orjen sedlu 2


Mountain hut "Orjen sedlo"

Club also has a facility on the Orjen saddle, which was under lease for 20 years until the tenant's death and PK Subra took it over in a terrible shape. Adaptation of the hut began in 06/2007 and is expected to last for 5 years. Hydro-isolation of roof and verandas was done and a complete reconstruction of the facade, new anodised windows and metal blinds were mounted and kitchen, dining room and three bedrooms adapted. Hut is located in the central part of the Orjen massif, at 1600 m. It can be reached by marked paths from 3 directions (Vrabanj, Vratlo, Crkvice), and by gravel road  from Vrbanj (11km) or Crkvice (14 km). Gravel road is suitable for the off-road vehicles, but with attention, also ordinary cars. The facility is equipped with 20 beds, 2 bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, a generator for electricity and ancillary facilities. There is a spring near the hut. The hut is opened upon agreement. The services available are: accommodation, guidance and food and beverages. Heating is by wood. Be sure to bring your sleeping bag or bedding. Orjen saddle is a favorable base for one or more days hiking tours in the heart of Orjen and good location to perform a variety of courses and camps (caving, alpine, climbing, hiking, marking, etc). Zubački (Veliki) kabao (1894 m), the highest peak of the coastal Dinarides and the surrounding range is in close proximity, and also attractive peaks and interesting destinations to which leads an excellent network of marked hiking trails. In the vicinity there are also several interesting caves and chasms. This area is covered with Munika pine forests (endemic species of pine), the most beautiful decoration of the higher parts of Orjen. Also, especially around the Crkvice, there are numerous remains of the Austro-Hungarian fortifications. These buildings are situated on prominent peaks, and as such are also nice hiking destinations. If you plan to visit "Orjen sedlo" hut please contact us in advance.


- manager: Marinko Perusko +38267829519

or any of the "Za Vratlom" hut staff.

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