There is a high annual rainfall, the highest in late autumn and spring. In the higher areas thick snow cover is present until the end of May, and in others to mid-April. At "Za Vratlom" hut, the average January temperature is around 0 ° C, and August around 20 ° C. The most suitable time for hiking is in June and July, sometimes in January and February.

Our club maintains over 40 km of marked trails that connect all the most attractive destinations: peaks, viewing, natural phenomena, cultural and historical monuments, archeological sites and caves. A marked trail starts from the Herceg Novi bus station and leads to "Za Vratlom" hut. Other paths, among other things, lead to the Veliki (Zubački) kabao peak (1894m), highest point of the east Adriatic coast, Subra (1679m), the famous peak-viewpoint and its amphitheater, the most interesting detail of the coastal Dinarides. Descriptions of most trails can be found in the "Guide to Orjen massif " written by our member Zeljko Starcevic. The guide can be purchased at travel agencies and bookstores in Herceg Novi. Please contact the author if you want to edit or use his writings. A special guide for Coastal mountaineering transversal Orjen-Lovcen-Rumija can also be purchased locally. Both guides include detailed maps.

Every last weekend of May our club organizes the annual Orijen marathon, a mountain running competition. Outside the Orjen massif, we climbed Mrtvica Canyon (MNE), Zelengora (BiH 2386 m), Prokletije (2656m MNE), Durmitor (MNE 2522m), Mount Olympus (2917m Greece), Mont Blanc (4807m France), Triglav (2863m Slovenia), Matterhorn (Italy) and Musala (Bulgaria)

Most important trails:

To ''Za Vratlom" hut

Orjen marathon trails

Coastal mountaineering transversal Orjen-Lovćen-Rumija trail

Trail to Vilino guvno (1410 m), Subra peak (1679 m) and Markov kos (1410 m)

Trail to Vodena chasm, Borova glava peak (1583 m) and Veliki kabao peak (1894 m)

Trail to Pazua peak (1769 m)


Other marked trails:

Circular path around the Cedilo peak (1466 m)

Trail to Radostak peak (1446 m) and circular path around the Radostak peak

Trail to Kabao (1384 m) and Odijevo (1571 m) peaks

Note: analyzed marked paths are in Orjen massif. Descriptions are intended primarily for mountaineers, that is, persons who have basic knowledge of the markings, reading maps, and generally getting around and stand-alone in unfamiliar territory. Before independently visiting any of the paths you must consult a guide from PK "Subra" about the current state of the markings - we do not accept any responsibility for your movement in the Orjen massif without a guide from PK "Subra", even when literature issued by the club (guides, maps, etc) is used.

Timing and even the ability to access these destinations is largely depending on the weather, so you need to make an adequate selection of possible destinations. Timing was made for the good weather conditions and is adapted to the slow pace of walking. If you are hiking in winter, it is important to verify that the markings are made for winter, because otherwise the markings won't be visible outside the forest.

Please do not leave garbage in nature, or otherwise endanger the original appearance of the mountain. Trail markings and labels are the only necessary sign of human presence.

Guides from PK "Subra" are at your service for mentioned and all other destinations. With them, you are in safe hands.

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