"Orjen saddle" mountain hut

Overnight stay in your tent near the hut (hut services included - usage of kitchen, toilet etc)

overnight stay on collective accomodation reduced by 50%

usage of kitchen and toilet included.

Guide services: certified mountain guides

(only possible if requested in advance)

Orjen massif, one day, for a group of up to 15 persons: 70 euros (one guide).

Orjen massif, one day, for a group of over 15 persons: 140 euros (two guides).

Other Montenegrin mountains: same tariffs + travel and accommodation costs.

The above prices of guides services do not apply to guidance in PK Subra club actions, or the guidance of organized groups of hikers - members of the Montenegrin mountaineering federation.

For the organizer of a group of 15 or more people all of the above services are free of charge!


Guide has the right to on-site assessment of whether it is able to independently lead a group of more than 15 people and to exclude from the group of under-prepared individuals.

We do not accept any responsibility for any activity in Orjen massif  without guides from PK''Subra'', even when literature issued by the club (guides, maps, etc.) is used.



"Za Vratlom " mountain hut

Mountaineering club ''Subra'' Herceg Novi


Montenegrin citizens

Mountaineers from MK, BiH, CRO, SER


Daily stay

1 eur - payable if you do not use other services

Tea, coffee

1 eur


4 eur

6 eur


7 eur

10 eur


5 eur

8 eur

All three meals

15 eur

20 eur

Overnight stay (collective accommodation)

5 eur

6 eur

10 eur

Full board (collective accommodation)

20 eur

20 eur

30 eur

Overnight stay (small rooms Za Vratlom)

10 eur

12 eur

15 eur

Full board (small rooms Za Vratlom)

25 eur

25 eur

35 eur


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